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IWITSpecial Thanks

Mardon Erbland

Mardon created the IW FAQ and the first of 3 current mailing lists devoted to the discussion of the Irish Wolfhound, in the days when the internet was just beginning to become part of ordinary people's daily lives. Not currently a wolfhound owner himself, Mardon has had a wolfhound in the past, and has always admired the breed. The FAQ and the List were created to help prospective and current IW owners learn and share information about this wonderful breed.

Rhonda Jorgenson

This talented artist's head study of her Irish Wolfhound first embellished the Irish Wolfhound FAQ Mailing List buttons created in the first fund-raising project, consequently becoming part of the list and the IWIT logo.

Katie Sontag and Maggie

Katie's post to the list when Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge touched the hearts of all who read it. Maggie was special to many, as being one of the first wolfhounds on the web, and leading a lot of enquirers to the mailing list. Katie generously allowed us to use Maggie's Story as an integral part of IWIT's second fundraiser.

Maggie in the Stars
© 1998 R.M. Bray
R.M.Bray and Shonen
Maggie's Story inspired artist R.M.Bray to create the image that was printed on the Maggie "goodies" that were sold as part of IWIT's second fundraiser. Her own IW, Shonen is now also gone to the bridge, but the saga of her struggle with epilepsy helped to inform many that the problem exists in some Irish Wolfhounds and what it is like to live and deal with it.

Timmy Ralfe
South Africa

Timmy sculpted the beautiful candleholder that graced the IWIT catalog during phase II of the second fundraiser. It was particularly appropriate for listmembers, as many are in the habit of lighting candles for any who are in need of healing or solace. The image of candles lit in all corners of the world is at the very least soothing and heartening to those who are worried or sorrowful, and Timmy's gracious donation of her time and efforts is much appreciated.


Participants who submitted
their artwork for the
Greeting Card Project
Planet Earth

22 pieces of art were submitted by listmembers for consideration by the internet Irish Wolfhound Community in order to create a set of greeting cards. The Community is grateful for their time and effort, and their generosity..

All those who have participated in IWIT fundraisers
All over the world
Without the support and encouragement of the members of the three Irish Wolfhound mailing lists, as well as that of several breed clubs, the IWIT would simply not exist. So we would like to thank all who have supported us, all around the globe.

IWIT has shipped items to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • South Africa
  • U.S.A.

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