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of Irish Wolfhounds

Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association - Health and Welfare Fund

Irish Wolfhound Cardiac Study - Cardiology Department Angell Memorial (Harpster)
Veterinary cardiologists in the USA, listed by state.

Irish Wolfhound Seizure Study
Seizure Study WebSite

A Thank You

A check in the amount of $2300.00 from the Irish Wolfhound Seizure Study Fund has been sent to the University of Pennsylvania for the purpose of hiring a laboratory assistant for the Study to help with the process of preparing for DNA analysis the blood samples collected from affected IWs and their immediate relatives. As funds come in they will be forwarded for the same purpose. This extra pair of hands will greatly help facilitate our search for the gene(s) connected with inheritable seizures in our breed.

Many thanks to all of you who contributed individually or as a group to the this project.

Anne Janis

The study of seizures in Irish Wolfhounds began in September of 1995 in an effort to determine if there was, is or could be a continuing problem with seizures within the breed. The answers are: yes, yes and hopefully not. This health problem in the breed does not approach cancer or heart-related problems in terms of the number affected. Maybe we can keep it that way. ( continued: Complete article and contact information )

July 4, 1999 note: Congratulations to all the folks involved with the Seizure Study and the raffle which was drawn today, they've raised another $3500. to support this ongoing research. Well done!

Irish Wolfhound Club Health Research Fund - Cardiology Research

Irish Wolfhound Club Health Research Fund - PortoSystemic Shunt Study

Irish Wolfhound Club Health Research Fund - Progressive Retinal Atrophy Study

J.A. Baker Institute - PRA Research Fund (Cornell)

Prospective Study of Canine Gastric Dilataion - Volvulus - (Bloat Study at Purdue University)

Irish Wolfhound Rescue

Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association - Health and Welfare Fund

Irish Wolfhound Association of Delaware Valley - Boutique (IW Rescue, Inc.)

Irish Wolfhound Association of New England - Rescue Trust
The Irish Wolfhound Association of New England (IWANE) was founded "to protect and advance the interests of the breed of Irish Wolfhounds." Many of our dedicated members volunteer with local animal shelters and work with animals as healthcare professionals, trainers and behavioral consultants. Members of our active association- are available to help identify a dog and can discuss temperament, exercise, nutrition, and the special health and medical concerns- of the Irish Wolfhound. IWANE would like to help place any Irish Wolfhound needing a home. We have adoptive members, pre-screened and experienced Wolfhound owners, who will provide- a loving and permanent home at a moment's notice.

Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc. - Rescue Fund-

Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada - Welfare and Adoption Fund

Irish Wolfhound Club of New South Wales - Rescue Fund

Irish Wolfhound Club of New Zealand - Rescue

Irish Wolfhound Club of the Transvaal Rescue (South Africa)

Irish Wolfhound Rescue, Inc. (J. Minnier)
Affiliated with all-breed rescue:

Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust (P. Huntley)

Northern Texas Irish Wolfhound Rescue (C. Rolle)

South Africa Irish Wolfhound Club Welfare

Southern Florida Irish Wolfhound Club - Rescue Fund

Southern Irish Wolfhound Rescue (J. Carswell)

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