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The Irish Wolfhound Breed

Irish Wolfhounds are no more prone to health problems than any other breed, in fact, are probably better off than many of the breeds that have become extremely popular due to media exposure. This is partly due to the fact that giant breeds are more costly to raise and have been for the most part, bred and owned by those with a genuine interest in the breed and its welfare.

Health Issues and Research

However, as in every other breed, problems can occur. Sometimes they are due to pure bad luck and the quirks of the genetic game of chance that breeding can be. Sometimes health problems are left unchecked because unscrupulous and uncaring people exist, who neither know nor care about the responsibilty that the stewardship of any breed of animal entails, or those who blindly refuse to acknowledge the odd health problem when it appears in their lines.

Research into various health issues is ongoing, with the goal of enabling breeders to breed healthier hounds as well as helping the owners of afflicted hounds to better deal with and provide as comfortable a life as possible for their hounds. A beneficial by-product of such research is often a new insight into similar issues in human health.


Sometimes, a hound may find itself in trouble, again, due to either the vagaries of fortune or to an uncaring placement. Various breed clubs and rescue organizations involve themselves in making sure that such hounds are evaluated and properly place in permanent loving homes. Depending on the amount of neglect or abuse, and the condition of health of a rescued hound, expenses can be astronomical.

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