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The one that started it all ...

One day in 1997, a few members of the Irish Wolfhound FAQ Mailing List thought it would be nice to be able to identify each other at doggy events, even if they had only met online before. It was proposed by Ann Burke, Antonio Calzecchi Onesti, Jeanne Patterson and Mary Toundas that they would make personalized buttonsList Badge for people and hounds (True Cu Crew) and donate all of the income over the cost of materials to Irish Wolfhound charities. A contest was begun on the mailing list inviting those with artistic inclinations to submit an image which would be seen as the project and list logo. Submitted images were displayed on a website provided by our own Antonio which also contained a form for list members to vote for their selections. A drawing by Rhonda Jorgensen (thanks, Rhonda) was the favourite, and became the image that was used on the buttons and has become the logo of the Irish Wolfhound Internet Trust.

Ann, Jeanne, and Dori Drobniak spent many hours collecting materials, assembling the "list" buttons, and mailing them out to destinations all over the world, wherever listmembers happened to live. Though they were only offered to members of the originating Irish Wolfhound mailing list, the project was a resounding financial success.

Total Donated (US$)

Maggie In The Stars
© 1998 R.M. Bray
Maggie In The Stars

Maggie was a wolfhound whose web presence made her particularly well-known and beloved among many human netizens. Her final story, as posted after her passing, prompted artist R.M.Bray to create a very special work dedicated to Maggie. It was decided with permission and support from Maggie's owners and the artist that this image would be dedicated to a very special IWIT project. People could order a variety of items imprinted with "Maggie In The Stars" and with their orders could make suggestions as to which charities would benefit from the proceeds.

Smiling Flora modelling tote bagItems included several kinds of shirts, stationery, aprons, teatowels, and totebags (as modelled by our poster child, Flora, on the right). And in the second phase of the project, a very special extra item was offered alongside the Maggie items. South African listmember Timmy Ralfe made available some beautiful Irish Wolfhound candle holders that she had sculpted.

This project was divided into 2 phases with Phase 2 of this project completed in December 1998, ending in time for those who wished to get holiday gift orders in.

All three Irish Wolfhound Mailing Lists were involved in the Maggie Project. As well, inventory was made available to various breed clubs at a special discount to aid in their own fundraising endeavours.

  Total Donated (US$)
Phase I $2,003.00
Phase II $2,411.00
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