Maggie in the Stars
© 1998 R.M. Bray
"Maggie the Dog" was an Irish Wolfhound beloved by her family and friends, many of whom met her on the Internet. Maggie taught us Wolfhound history, regaled us with tales of her exploits and enlightened us with the joys of her gourmet pleasures. In the spring of 1998, Maggie's life on earth ended. What follows is the inspiration for this delightful drawing by Canadian artist and Wolfhound friend, R.M. Bray.


Here's the last tale of Maggie the Dog:

When I tried to explain about Maggie to Julia, who is only four and dotes on all our animals, I had a rather rough time. As I tried vainly to find some way to make this all make sense to her (even though it didn't make sense to me yet), I thought of her favorite video, "The Lion King". For those unfamiliar with it, a part of it deals with the dead King Mufasa looking down from the stars on his son, Simba. In desperation, I grasped this like a straw and told her that Maggie was like King Mufasa, looking down from the stars. "And can she hear me?" Julia asked. "Oh, yes, sweetie," I replied, biting back tears and almost hating myself, but not knowing how else to help her understand, "she can hear you. Do you want to tell her something?"

"No - YOU tell her. Tell her I love her, Mommy, and that I miss her."

Dutifully I went to the window and spoke up to the stars, weeping and feeling a bit of a fool. Last night, again, as I tucked her in, she surprised me by turning and telling me, "Don't forget to talk to Maggie, Mommy. Tell her I love her and I miss her."

I was very foolish, I see now. When I told Julia about Maggie being in the stars, I thought I was telling her a lie - a kindly lie, a well-intentioned lie to be sure, but I thought it was a lie, nonetheless.

And yet ... and yet - as I look and read again and again at all the thoughts and kind wishes I received from dear friends ... slowly, as the huge hole where my heart used to be began to close, and I started to be able to think again...

I realized it was not a lie at all. I realized that Maggie is indeed and always will live forever "among the stars."

© 1998 Katie



IWITWe are grateful to Katie and R.M. Bray for their generosity in granting exclusive permission to use their work. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of "Maggie" items are endorsed to worldwide Irish Wolfhound Health and Rescue charities through the Irish Wolfhound Internet Trust, a charitable fund established in 1997.



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