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IWITThe Irish Wolfhound Mailing Lists

These mailing lists are "places" on the internet that are gatherings of Irish Wolfhound fanciers and those who would like to know more about Irish Wolfhounds and Irish Wolfhound issues. The lists are populated by people from all over the world, and from every walk of life, and every level of experience with Irish Wolfhounds. Some individuals have subscribed to all three lists, others only to one or two, as their preferences and time allow. Descriptions of the 3 lists below are in chronological order of the appearance of the lists on the internet.

For all mailing lists, please keep the welcome message that is sent to you when you join. It contains information that is valuable in helping you to manage your own list subscription.

The Irish Wolfhound FAQ Mailing List
(a.k.a. "Mardon's List")

This was the first Irish Wolfhound Mailling list to appear on the Internet, several years ago.

Volume At least 50-60 posts a day, when topics are compelling it can go much higher
No. subscribers 250-300
Message format Either single posts or digest
To what extent moderated Unmoderated.
Attachments Images allowed and encouraged, though consideration of others is also encouraged in limiting attachment sizes to allow a total post size of no more than 100Kb and using internet-standard file formats.
Email Subscription Send an email message with the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the body of the email to .The listserv will pick up the address from which you sent the mail, and send a confirmation message to that address, to which you must reply in order to subscribe.
Subscription Form Alternatively, and perhaps simpler to do, is to go to the list page at and fill out the form there. As with email subscription, you will need to reply to the confirmation message.

Date of Origin

June, 1996

Volume Low volume - maybe 6 posts a day
No. subscribers 250 at the end of 1998
Message format Digest is the default, but it can be changed to single posts if preferred
To what extent moderated Lightly - no flaming allowed
Attachments Not allowed, as they don't work in a digest
Subscription instructions To subscribe to IrWolf-L, send a message to:
that reads SUB IRWOLF-L Your Name, using your real name.

Date of Origin

May 1998

Volume Medium volume: 50 - 100 posts a day
No. subscribers 270
Message format Choice of individual posts or digest
To what extent moderated Completely. All posts read and approved before being released to the list.
Attachments Allowed and encouraged, with a size limit of 64K
Subscription form at the site below:
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