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Artist's Statement

I bought my first computer in early 1997 and in stumbling around on the internet, I found the Irish Wolfhound Discussion List.

There was a man from Italy just learning about the wonderful world of Wolfhounds, and a great many from around the world that offered him solid, helpful advice in his search for the right breeder and puppy. This led him to Tina in Denmark. He learned, waited and with great excitement, finally got his puppy. As I recall, not long after that, the list was delighted to learn that romance was in the air, and Antonio and Tina were the list's first internet couple, now living with the hounds in Italy.

I was charmed by their story, and they had an international group that was delighted for them. I was just starting to get really involved with sculpting Irish Wolfhounds, and thought that I'd like to do something sometime to commemorate their story. When another romance developed via the lists with Ron and Willeke; he from the US and she from Holland, marrying and starting a life together in Ireland, this was just too much. Who would have ever believed it possible? I HAD to sculpt something. I wanted to have male and female Irish Wolfhound heads facing each other, with their profiles forming a heart. LOVEBIRDS came about and is dedicated to "two people from different worlds brought together by their love of Irish Wolfhounds".

Recently, the IW internet world has learned about a third couple; Pauline from BC, Canada and John from Belgium, and I think all would wish them well in their new life together.

The Irish Wolfhound lists have done more than provide us with these wonderful romances. In the few short years of their existence, the lists constantly and continuously bring together people from all over the world to celebrate this wonderful breed. My deepest thanks to all those that make this possible.

--Deborah Sanders


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