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We'd love to put a photo of all the members of the IWIT committee here, however, we are distributed all over the globe and are just too distant from each other to manage to get together. But together in spirit we certainly are, and in our love for the Irish Wolfhound, individually and as a breed.
Ann Burke
AnnieBoo has been a long-time listmember and is always ready to jump in when we need her, to make a phone call, dig up people or information, pick us up when we're down, cheer us on , and find those blue socks!


Antonio Calzecchi Onesti
Antonio from Italy, former army officer, now farmer and graphic artist, was introduced to the IW Mailing List by Maggie The Dog (yes, "that" Maggie...). His life now is enriched by Tina -whom he met on the IW mailing list- and 6 Irish Wolfhounds including his very first own Rabbitville Cyberstar Huan.


Brigitte Avarmaa

Webservant and some-time techie, Brigitte is involved mainly in helping to get the word out through the creation and maintenance of this website, with artistic contributions and guidance from Antonio, and lots of help and input from all the members of the committee. Among the four-leggers at home in Ontario, Canada, are Irish Wolfhounds Shandy, Torram and Cissy, who is the sister of Antonio's Huan.


Elena Ballestra

Elena is the most recent addition to the IWIT committee. Her generosity, energy, enthusiasm, imagination, and constant flow of ideas are invigorating and inspiring to the rest of the committee.. She and her wolfhound Brian live in Italy.

Email: t

Jeanne Patterson

One of the originators of the successful first two projects and the spark behind the committee, Jeanne has dedicated many many hours and extensive surfaces in her house to both projects, from assembling buttons around her kitchen table with other volunteers to filling her house with boxes of shirts and other treasures, and running around to airports and post offices and just plain getting things done, with the help of her two hounds, Ada and Nora, of course.


Julie Hughes

Julie is the Book keeper and Recipient of all payments. She become a full admirer of wolfhounds when she became owned by her present and first wolfhound Flora who is actually our poster-child, due to her big grin. She says that the paperwork involved is more than offset by the huge response to Maggie's project and the consideration and concern of all in the wolfhound world for those wolfhounds less fortunate.


Mary Toundas
One of the first founding members of the Irish Wolfhound FAQ mailing list, Mary is very much involved in Rescue in her area in Florida. She brings her financial expertise to the committee along with level-headed logic and the kindest heart the rest of us have known.


We are continuously open to input and suggestions for future projects. Offers of help and donations are also always welcome.

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