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Thanks to Jane Usmar in New Zealand, IWIT has this beautiful set of notecards just in time for the holidays:

"Lovebirds" is an original sculpture by Deborah Sanders. Deborah is a Missouri artist whose work has captured the spirit, grace, and humour of the Irish Wolfhound.

Love is in the air

"Lovebirds" was inspired by couples that met on the Irish Wolfhound mailing lists, fell in love, and are now together. For the Artists's Statement, and the stories, click on one of the following links:

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We are offering "Lovebirds" cast in resin with a bronze finish, or in cold-cast bronze. The size of the sculpture is about 7 3/4" high x 7" wide x 10" long.

Download a walk-around view of "Lovebirds" in mpeg format (880 Kb). (thanks, Jeanne :-) )

Deborah has donated the original sculpture as well, which has been auctioned.

Lovebirds sculpture

There is also a (very) limited number of sets of greeting cards left that are available to be ordered.

Greeting Cards in Green

Use the online order form (link below) for either the "Lovebirds" casts or greeting cards.

Online Order Form
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